​EGToy Mini Mud Kitchen £185 delivered*

Children need to make mud pies and fairy stew.

Our EGToy Mini Mud Kitchen is here by popular demand. Our customers asked us if we could make a smaller kitchen in our toy shop with all the excitement and sturdiness of our larger mud kitchen. We said 'yes'. This one is small enough to go inside the home too.

Our beautiful mini kitchen is hand crafted cuteness and finished to the high standard which you come to expect from Evergreen. Our kitchen comes fully assembled, with lots of FREE accessories: pan, bowls, utensils and more. It measures 90cm x 70cm x 45cm, it is a darling 40cm to the worktop height!  

​EGToy Nature Hide £199 delivered* 

Is there a child who doesn't like to hide or discover things?​

We noticed children looking underneath our Play Table. We asked them what they were looking for and they said 'secrets'. With this in mind we designed a Nature Hide which includes the original Play Table shelf plus a skillfully built ventilated box.

This EGToy instantly became a 'must have' for any outdoor area due its versatility and strength and secretive nature. It creates excitement, it stores treasure and displays nature's bounty. The Nature Hide comes assembled and ​measures 100cm x 60cm x 45cm (h).  

Evergreen Outdoor Education Tool Station
Evergreen Outdoor Education Water Station

EGToy Music Wall £330 delivered*

Let's make some noise!

Children LOVE noise, LOVE musical instruments and LOVE being outdoors. Here at Evergreen Outdoor Education we have hatched a brand new EGToy™ which will encourage creativity, support sound exploration and develop an innate ability to listen out for sounds.

Included in this musical wonder are 5 tuned Boom Whakers, steel triangle, solid steel pan, Asian bells, Tibetan cymbals, maracas, a selection of bells, tappers and beaters.  All instruments are tied with weatherproof cord to stop your little dearies running off with all the beaters! The Music Wall comes ready assembled and stands 100cm x 90cm x 40cm.

EGToy Mud Kitchen £330 delivered*

Learning should be this much fun.

Children are meant to play with natural materials soil, grass, herbs, mud. stones and water, it's in their DNA. Our premium Mud Kitchen is a beautiful place where natural ingredients become dinosaur stew or squidgy birthday cakes. We have designed a place where children experience real life contexts with a huge dash of imagination.

Evergreen include a bowl, hob, storage shelving, a FREE removable water container with tap, chalk menu board and choice of chrome, copper or wood utensils. Learning should be this much fun. The kitchen comes in 2 parts and is 100cm x 90cm x 50cm (height to the worktop 45cm) We can offer a longer model at 130cm long too.

​​​​Welcome to our ever GROWING range of EGToys.

Inside our Evergreen Toy Shops we create unique play concepts specially designed and 'hatched' by us happy folks in the UK and USA, they are built for all weathers and all children.​  Our designs are based on the absolute truth - children learn through play.

Please note this page is for purchasing within the UK, If you are ordering from the USA just click on the USA Price boxes and follow the links.

EGToy Giant Scales £170 delivered*

Anything that can be weighed should be weighed, right?​

We have designed and created a set of scales which the BFG would love to get his hands on.  The sizing and usability makes them a fantastic resource for developing mathematical concepts and language. Our scales can hold up to 4 vessels; bags, buckets, nets etc. They are balanced and have a unique to Evergreen recalibration gadget which you can use to reset the scales when the weather makes changes to the wood. 


We have attached a steel rule to support number recognition and provoke curiosity and exploratory fun. The scales come in 3 pieces and require no tools for assembly, once assembled they are 120cm x 100cm (h) 

We now supply FREE collapsible buckets for your convenience.

Evergreen Outdoor Education Cooking Station

If there is a space or a hole, a child will poke something through it!​

Look closely at this EGToy, it starts off as a bare board but has hundreds of tiny holes as well as trays full of 'things'. These holes are designed to be filled with nuts, bolts, washers. threads, wheels, blocks and pulleys it's a little engineers dream! 

Our Engineers Board provides the right amount of challenge physically and cognitively. As always, beautifully and robustly built with children in mind. Mini mechanics and engineers alike will love getting to grips portable board. (all parts except table supplied FREE). It measures 105 cm x 60 cm x 40cm (h).  Weight 12kg for portability.

Best solid wood outdoor mud kitchen  toy shop Solid Wood Outdoor Toys - Evergreen Solid Wood Toys

​​EGToy Water Wall £330 delivered*

Children + Water = happy child?​​

Getting wet is pure joy for little folk but by adding challenge with cause and effect brings forth a new concept to water play. Our Water Wall involves taps, chutes, wheels, funnels and movement. Over 12 meters of manipulative clear tubing and 3 meters of copper piping encourage genuine little plumber investigation! Only when the right circuit is formed will the water flow.

With this EGToy cognitive learning and fun go hand in hand. Funnels, baster and jugs come FREE. Add colours, sponges, bottles and children.​​ The Water Wall arrives in 2 parts, it measures 100cm x 90cm and is double sided. 

Music wall mud kitchen
Evergreen Outdoor Education Weighing Station
mini mud kitchen evergreen toys
Evergreen Outdoor Education Activity Station
Evergreen Outdoor Education Potion Station

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 materials and assembled by master craftsmen.

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EGToy Potion Lab £330 delivered*​​

A child's knowledge comes from experimenting.

Children are naturally curious about their world, they thirst for knowledge and understanding, they need to experiment within their world. With this in mind we designed our excellent Potion Lab. Hand crafted test tube, measuring cup and spoon racks afford form as well as function to this beautiful resource.

Whiteboards encourage early writing and give little people a space to write up their very own concoctions. We include FREE whiteboards, beakers, plastic test tubes and lids, pipettes and measuring spoons. Just add little scientists and wizards and a few gooey ingredients. The lab comes in 2 parts and requires no tools for assembly, it measures 100cm x100cm x 55cm. (height to the worktop 45cm)

​​​​​​​​​​​EGToy Workbench from £330 delivered*

Children will always want one just like the grown ups have.

Such an exciting EGToy. Our master craftsmen LOVED designing and building this in our toy shop. We are confident your little carpenters and builders will feel very grown up using this fantastic workbench. Little folk will not harm this beautiful strong purpose built EGToy, it will age with style and rapidly become the toy all children will want to use.

Each workbench includes 2 FREE bench hooks as standard and costs £330 delivered. Please add a further £30 for 1 vice or £60 for 2 vises. If you would like to add a Tool Kit please add a further £45 to any order at the PayPal checkout. ​ Our workbench comes assembled and measures 120cm x 60cm x 66cm and weighs approximately 24kgs. 

​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 
Evergreen Outdoor Education Nature Station
Evergreen Outdoor Education Puzzle Station

'Toys to get your little ones outdoors for longer...'

EGToy PLay Table £155 delivered*​​

Children just love their very own size tables.

Our EGToy Play Table is built to last and looks beautiful. Adding a solid play table to any outdoor setting will develop and extend play opportunities and bring about a new learning dimension. 

Our Play Table provides additional play space, community and storage space. It is particularly handy for extending your mud kitchen area too or creating a platform for our Engineers Board. As always built to withstand weather and children. The play table is already assembled and measures 100cm x 60cm x 45cm (h).

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