​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

A little about who we are, what we do and a lot about our educational traditional wooden toys or EGToys™

Evergreen Free Mudkitchens

We are a cottage industry, rooted in education, early years, carpentry and building. Jools is meandering Headteacher and Early Years Specialist as well as an Outdoor Education consultant for Home Schools, Nursery and Primary settings.


Peter is a semi retired Kitchen Designer and Fitter with over 15 years experience in design, carpentry, cabinet making and plumbing. Our youngest son Joseph is a skilled carpenter, scroll saw artist as well as a Kitchen Designer and Fitter. 

We have combined our experience, skills and passion to create Evergreen Outdoor Education and have recently branched out to the USA.

We absolutely LOVE what we do and LOVE seeing our unique products appear in gardens and school yards all over the place! We continue to design new concepts and resources as time goes by. Our goal is always to get little people outdoors for longer. 

Our customers are always right. Why not pop over to our Your Voice page and take a look at their experience of working with 
Evergreen Outdoor Education.