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Rubber feet to promote



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Cont. Built to look like a traditional bee hive,  we have used feathered edge wood and a little imagination to ensure this little beauty is practical as well as a cosmetic treat for any playground, garden or communal area. The wood is weatherproofed and finished to our usual outstanding quality.  This little Book Hive comes ready assembled and measures 100cm (h) x 69cm (w) x 49cm (d).


Portable to allow use in different areas. 


Solid sturdy framework is oiled to bring out the wood grain. 

 What's an EGToy Book Hive?


Nothing gives us more pleasure than working with local settings and agreeing designs which will delight children and not bust the budget.  Outdoor reading or writing should be encouraged in every setting.  Many children would LOVE to use their time outside to get absorbed in

a beautiful colourful novel or even reading to their friends. 

Our outdoor library or Book Hive as we have named it, offers literacy opportunities in parts of the playground where books wouldn't 

normally reach.  A LOVE of books begins in the early years.



Oodles of storage for library books

or writing materials.


*Look out for the little busy bees, 

we promise they won't sting.


Built from pressure treated

redwood to withstand all weathers and most children!

Feather Edge wood design crafted

to create the style of an old fashioned beehive.

It's a dandy little bee hive but without the bees*.  It's an outdoor mini library, or writing closet, it's a must have for little hands and minds who love books and love outdoors.

Low centre of gravity but high enough from the ground to

not get wet.

Hinged doors with little

finger holes for opening and magnets to keep them closed.

 Cute book holders inside

the doors.