​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

In early years we need to be offering enough activities which promote fine  and gross motor skills competence

.  All of our EGToys™ are skilfully designed to promote physical

and emotional development as well as encouraging language acquisition.
However, our Mechanics Board is specifically designed to encourage fine skills  motor as well as improving hand eye coordination.

 Whether children manage to thread a bolt, 
create a turning wheel system or simply fix wooden blocks to the board, 

 the investigation and exploration process is fun,

 rewarding and developmentally rich.



Continued: Our Engineers Board provides the right amount of challenge physically and cognitively. As always, beautifully and robustly built with children in mind. Mini mechanics and engineers alike will love getting to grips portable board. There will be enough loose parts to get the board going on arrival.  It measures 97cm x 50 (w) cm x 63cm (h). Weight 12kg for portability.

Start off with a blank station and observe 

as the children build and create.

 So what's an EGToy™ Mechanics Board?

It's fine motor skills, it's invention, it's creativity, it's

engineering, it's making, joining, fixing,

 twisting and fastening, it's a mini mechanics dream.

Fastening rubber bands to wooden pully wheels improves fine motor skills.

Through the eyes of engineers or mechanics what could be more exciting and inviting than an

Mechanics Workshop supplied with with nuts, bolts, spacers, washers, rubber bands, wheels 
and wooden blocks. When they are board of those, try adding some pipe cleaners and shoe laces!
We have carefully designed this EGToy™ to be exploratory, innovative for the child and portable 

for the adult. This EGToy is built smaller than our other EGToys to offer greater mobility. 
Our Evergreen team observed children using this workshop and consider it to be an excellent resource in supporting physical, social and language development.

​Tray colours may vary.

 Lots of wooden shapes, bolts, nuts, rubber

bands and wheels are supplied.  

Feel free to add more items...

 Take your Mechanics Board wherever you like with a simple carry handle.


Absolutely solid build to withstand the most dedicated engineers and builders!

Read our review from Andi Turner: Outstanding Childcare Provider, Professional Blogger and Toy Reviewer. 

Children have to physically move around the board  to fasten wingnuts to the bolts.