​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

 Add buckets, bags, nets, etc. what ever vessel you choose.

 Central vertical steel rule to support

 number recognition and place value.

 What are EGToy Giant Scales? 


Children are naturally curious and fascinated with 

number, order, pattern and size. Numbers are just 

numbers until we introduce some concrete meaning and purpose.  Our Giant Scales are a perfect resource to introduce context, relevance and value to enquiring minds in a challenging and playful way.

Comes in 3 parts  for simple assembly. Rubber feet

 to promote longevity.​​​


Hand crafted and designed

to support fun learning including

'balancing and measuring' concepts.

It's fun, it's weighing, it's balancing, it's measuring, it's fascinating, it's mathematical exploration and language

at its finest.

Whether children are walking a plank, climbing a tree or building

a tower, balance plays a key role. Understanding balance is a fundamental concept

and ways to explore its application should be experienced through play. Whether children are trying to balance the weight of sticks, stones, sand, water, fir cones, or mud, the process will bring about the right level of challenge and purpose as well as

developing some beautiful mathematical language.




A unique calibration gadget allows the scales to stay accurate even

after the weather has made

changes to the wood.​​


Sturdy and skilled construction

from pressure treated wood.