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EGToys are specially designed to reflect real life context for real life play. 

"children learn as they play, most importantly, through PLAY Children learn how to Learn."  

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious Learning.  but for children PLAY IS serious Learning. PLAY is really the work of Childhood." 

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Absolutely committed to getting your children outdoors for longer through PLAY.  Explore our exciting range of outstanding, classic, exceptional quality, solid wood, timeless resources. Our EGToys™ offer never ending PLAY at HOME, SCHOOL or NURSERY.

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Believe it or not your Kids LOVE to be outdoors and LOVE outdoor adventures.

  At Evergreen we believe a LOVE for outdoors begins in the early years of life. 

Early Years is the foundation on which everything else will stand.

Let's take a quick look at why we do what we do...​​

There will always be good news and always be not so good news -

let's get the not so good news out of the way...

The not so good news.

Three quarters of children today spend less time outdoors than prison inmates. That's really sad. Sound evidence shows that never before have children known so little about nature and the natural world, not so good for tomorrow's adults. Indoor inactive lifestyles and lack of outdoor play undoubtedly sets the stage for compromised overall fitness and wellbeing, not so good for longevity.  Obesity has become a number one health problem in our nation and the blueprint is formed in the Early Years of life, again not so good for quality of life.

  But now for some good news...

The UK government funded a four year study programme through Natural Connections. They were tasked with exploring the impact learning and being outdoors has on our children behaviourally. The findings demonstrated that being outdoors had an overwhelming positive impact emotionally and educationally on children. Their subsequent task was to encourage all educators to get pupils outdoors more of the time. One of the methods they supported was national networking. We are delighted to report hubs and networks are being set up all over the UK to help adults gain confidence, add to their knowledge and collaborate with settings who are already enjoying the benefits of teaching outdoors. That is good news.

    And there's more good news... 

The downward trend in poor wellbeing and fitness is easily reversed and begins with excellent early years education, spending more time outdoors and less time in digital worlds. As a nation we need to fall back in LOVE with nature.  Getting children outdoors in the early years is one of the greatest gifts to our children. Time spent outdoors has humongous benefits mentally, physically and spiritually. At Evergreen we believe all children deserve this much. 

                                                       What now?  

                                Stick with us, we have a solution.

Over many years we studied and evaluated the holistic benefits brought about through outdoor learning environments. Passionate about our findings, we challenged ourselves to create ideas and methods in which outdoor learning and play could be successful in smaller spaces. We are thrilled with our results. We have designed a unique range of EGToys™ which entice and encourage children to play outdoors for longer. Our resources are built ergonomically as well as from an absolute understanding of early years development. Our EGtoys attract and engage children whilst scaffolding their internal learning processes. 

It's a reality not all children have opportunities or space to be running, jumping, hopping, chasing and skipping, but they can still be submerged into a world which encourages and supports their physical development. 

Our very own range of EGToyswill encourage and provide opportunities for:

balancing -  bending - carrying - fetching - lifting - kneeling - mixing - reaching

pinching - squeezing - standing - stirring 

- squatting - tipping - twisting - turning and walking. 

All of which support and promote physical development, whilst breathing fresh air - what could be better in early years of life? 

As Margaret McMillan said, "the best classroom and richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky".​

How do we know all this and do what we do so well?  Easy, Jools is a retired Primary Headteacher as well as an Early Years specialist, she has designed and built outdoor learning environments which are exemplified by LA's. Peter is an amazing carpenter and with a 'can do, must overcome' attitude and Joseph is an extremely clever chap who uses a scroll saw better than a pen! Combine this little team with dedication, drive, great tools, responsibly sourced materials and you have the forward thinking skilled Evergreen team who absolutely LOVE what they do.

Call 01207 544867 today and let's get yourlittle ones

outdoors for longer.

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Welcome to Evergreen Outdoor Education.

We are innovators of exceptional quality imaginative educational learning resources  and committed to getting your children outdoors for longer. ​

​​​​​We understand children, we know how learning happens

and we love what we do.

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