​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

Early years education is about presenting children with imaginative opportunities to

enhance their learning journey...  It has been proven time and time again that 'children learn through play' and 'play is learning', the two are inseparable.

All our EGToys™ are skilfully designed to encourage many aspects of the early curriculum. 


Our Magnetic Wall is no exception,  primarily it offers children the opportunity to play with scientific concepts, especially forces.

By adding numbers and letters children can enhance their literacy and numeracy skills.

Introducing magnets of all shapes and sizes can support art, pattern and design.

Continued It comes ready assembled and measures 99cm (l) x 87cm (h) x 50cm (d) and weighs 15kg.  A carry handle mounted to the top means you can take this fabulous resource wherever you want.  All children are fascinated by magnets and this EGtoy will not let them down. Our super size super magnet toy will amuse, educate and fascinate children of all ages.​ All our resources are hand built to an exceptional unrivalled standard. 


Mitered framework for strength

and beauty.


Double sided for optimum use.


Playing with magnets will always present scientific concepts in a wonderfully childlike fashion. 

  This type of play generates conversation, exploration and causes children to investigate. 

Our Magnetic Wall is designed to support Scientific investigation and is built from highest quality materials.  Even the catch  tray is made from galvanised steel. 

Children will have endless sorting opportunities to

experiment with 'what is magnetic and what is not'. 

These concepts role from Early Years to Key Stage 1 seamlessly (exploration of materials).

Add new materials to the catch tray each day and watch as the children's KUW grows.


Galvanised steel work area to stand

up to all weathers.

It's science it's exploration, it's wonder, it's

wow, it's anything you want, spelling, writing,

 sounding out, experiential learning.

Ideal for group work outdoors.

£289 delivered

UK Mainland


KUW and CLL never blended so well.

Comes with magnetic alphabet to help

get things started...


Absolute exceptional build quality from only the finest wood and steel.


 So what's an EGToy™ Magnetic Wall?


Galvanised steel mesh storage tray to

hold all of your magnets, also allows

the rain to run through.


A new learning zone every day.