​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 


A beautiful slate menu board

is sheer decadence. 

Whether children are cooking for fairies,  dinosaurs, their friends or you, this style of playing is developing both fine and gross motor skills, as well as developing social and emotional confidence  and well being.


When children are presented with beautiful opportunities, they

know they are valued. Each day your EGToy Mud Kitchen can offer something new and exciting.  Just gather up nature and  present  it to the kitchen.


We'll hang some shiny utensil on your hooks to help get things started.


Removable water container with tap to encourage water awareness and physical development.


Shelves for herbs, grass, pebbles, leaves, soil or  sand - make way

for something new each day.

 Durable washing up bowl  is a great 

vessel to  make stews for giants as well as cleaning up afterwards!

Beautifully scorched rustic hob plates, ready for pots and pans.

Mud kitchen USA



​​​What's an EGToy Mud Kitchen?

   It's art, it's drama, it's mathematics, it's conversation,

it's role play at its best!  The freedom to create

mud pies is key to real learning through play.