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Mud Makes Sense​​

By Jools Logan Evergreen Outdoor Education

July 28th 2016

Playing with mud is a bit like winning the jackpot in Early Years learning...

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No Bakery Needed

By Jools Logan Evergreen Outdoor Education

July 1st  2016

​Does the context of real life get any better than baking your own bread?...

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By Jools Logan Evergreen Outdoor Education
July 17th 2016

Another ambiguous term perhaps...
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Autumn Magic
by Jools Logan Evergreen

Outdoor Education
October  6th 2016

This is not a long post just an observational with a little practical application. Honest...

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By Jools Logan Evergreen Outdoor Education

November  9th 2016

Let's begin with questions...

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Back to the Start 

By Jools Logan Evergreen Outdoor Education

July  7th 2016

When I set out to be a teacher over 20 years ago...

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Best Quality Wooden Outdoor Toys

Why Outdoors
By Jools Logan Evergreen

Outdoor Education
August 20th  2016

Throughout my experience I have seen lots of really good indoor settings and some not so good...


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Little Hands and Big Minds
By Jools Logan

Evergreen Outdoor Education
22nd March 2017

It never ceases to amaze me just how adventurous, creative, clever and courageous children are....

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About Me

Jools Logan Evergreen Outdoor Education

So this is me trying to look calm whilst terrified, nothing new there. Life can be quite scary at times, especially when you have so much responsibility. We'll come to that later...

The chitchat stuff: I'm 5 foot and half and inch tall, I like shiny shoes and flowery dresses. I excell to be at one with bees but secretly, still terrified.  My favourite thing is food, most favourite bit is the eating bit. I'm trying to eat my way round the world and starting to pack a few pounds on, who cares I'm over 50.

I love my husband, my kids, my family, well most of them, most of the time and I do embrace life.  When you boogie with the grim reaper from time to time you learn to love life.

Outside of the above I am trying to run with my passion, my real passion, the one I think about an awful lot of the time, the one that wakes me in the night with new and brilliant ideas, they seem brilliant in the middle of the night.

My passion is undoubtedly education, whether it is being done brilliantly or not so brilliantly. I adore education and the impact it has on each of us and I long to see children connect with nature and the outside world.  My links with education include being a child in school many moons ago, being an adult at university, teaching children, teaching adults about teaching children, being a foster parent, being Headteacher to 2 Primary schools and most recently being a grandparent. There were bits in-between like working in specialist education places too.  What did I learn? All in all 'same same', people trying to get others to think their way or people doing things other people's way or just lots of people jumping through ever changing hoops!

Most establishments believe they have it right, many of them have loads right and I'm not talking Ofsted right, I'm talking real stuff like putting a child's development processes and wellbeing above all else.  

I think most establishments have something unique and of value in their contribution to education and we never stop learning as a collective. My aim is to help you believe in what your gut tells you about learning and encourage you to dance your own dance and move away from someone else's tune because that's all it will ever be, someone else’s tune.

I want to encourage you to create your own style of teaching and grow it till it is so infectious it fizzes over and makes others giddy.  I can help do this by sharing from real life experience, the highs and lows, the mountain tops and the snake pits, oh yes there are snakes pits out there...

I've gone on too long, this was only ever going to be an introduction.  Stick with me, come with me and enjoy the ride and if you happen to pick up a few driving hints along the way all the better for the little people and of course your amazing self.

Lots of love Jools.

Magic Potions
By Jools Logan Evergreen Outdoor Education

July 18th 2016

Is it educational?
Whether it's the twinkle of a shiny bottle containing...

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25 Muscles for Writing
By Jools Logan Evergreen

Outdoor Education

July 12th  2016

It baffled me for years why some  children struggled so much with  writing.  ...

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​​Welcome to my Muddy Blog...

Mud is where the magic happens.

On this page I share my honest and hopefully simple rambles on matters around early years, primary and outdoor education. I say simple because my goal is to chat about my passion without drowning you or myself in jargon. I believe there is always something new to learn and everyone can add value to the overall pot of knowledge. I am still walking this education thing out, so please walk with me, feel free to comment and chip in.

I do LOVE company on a journey.​​ ​​​mud kitchen ideas

Mess or Masterpiece
By Jools Logan  Evergreen Outdoor Education

July 2nd 2016

They're not messing up my classroom."...
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Transient Art

By Jools Logan Evergreen Outdoor Education

July 8th 2016​​

Now there's an ambiguous word, or is it?...  
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One Childhood
By Jools Logan at Evergreen

Outdoor Education 
August 2nd  2016

So this is a passion which rattles my inner being - One Childhood...

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