Children love to make a noise, it's a fact... Whether that noise is a gentle

sound of jingling bells or a full on boom this Music Wall offers it all. ​​  

We were tasked with making an outdoor music station from one of our

fabulous customers and they are delighted with the results.  

Is there any wonder? 

This EGToy™ is designed to get children listening, moving, dancing, singing and composing!




 Tuned Boom Whackers will excite little people as they listen for the changing notes.


A fine steel pan fixed to the lower part of the Music Wall to 

get your little ones moving up and down.

​​​​What's an EGToy Music Wall?


The sturdy base will hold any spare sound makers you or the children introduce.

   It's sight and sound, it's colour and expression,

it's musical notes and more, The freedom to explore

sound and movement is the bedrock of communication.


 Pressure treated wood and Dovetail joints and a solid base ensure a

rock solid  build.

​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 


 Ergonomically designed frame to hold musical instruments in

key note order.


 We've added Tibetan cymbals, 

jingle sticks and maracas

to introduce some curiosity

and KUW.

We have been mindful in sourcing our instruments from far off places, 

this will encourage Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Our Wall is large enough to get children physically busy whilst

meandering through all the different sounds available.

The Expressive Arts and Design aspect of this EgToy™ is an absolute

Ofsted winner.

Why do we put so much thought into our work? Because we believe that

when children are interested in their play, learning just happens.