​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

 What's an EGToy™ Nature Hide?

A ventilated hidden compartment to

store today's treasures. 

Pressure treated Redwood supports longevity and gives this activity

a natural look and feel.

Invaluable lower storage shelving adds strength and beauty to the design.

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It's social, it's Knowledge & Understanding. it's secret,

it's investigation, it's discussion,

it's a place where real discovery happens...​​

Continued:  This EGToy instantly became a 'must have' for any outdoor area due its versatility and strength and secretive nature. It creates excitement, it stores treasure and displays nature's bounty. The Nature Hide comes assembled and ​measures 100cm x 60cm x 45cm (h).  


£199 ​

Gaps in the compartment means rain

water will flow through without harming the Nature Hide.

Sunken hinges ensure nothing protrudes or spoils the form and function of the Nature Hide.​​

Nature is where deep learning happens.  The more children interact with nature, the more they will develop a love for natural happenings. Just watch their faces when a

snail leaves a magical silver message.

Too many children are no longer learning in ways which promote

 natural brain development, everything is moving too fast. 

We want to do our bit to help entice our little ones back into nature. 

Our EGToy nature hide is a beautiful gathering place.

Children just love mystery, so we have designed a secret storage compartment 

where you or the children can hide nature's bounty and treasures. The hide is ventilated

 making sure air can flow freely and rain water can drain away.

Try using our Nature Hide to support  transient art.

This resource is an absolute must have for educators and parents  who understand

the value of children's learning being roofed 'only by the sky'.

We understand calm natural happenings are key in underpinning holistic development...

Hand carved and sanded handle

for smooth lifting.​​