It's cooking, it's sharing., it's Creative, it's mixing cakes

and pies, it's communication, it's mathematical, it's

physical. it's exciting outdoor mess for all...​

Life is fast and everybody seems so busy, we at Evergreen believe that children should be given the time and space to allow cognitive thinking to develop at a natural pace.   Outdoors is a natural

 teacher and as educators we can enjoy,provocate and observe as the learning develops.

Pressure treated Redwood increases longevity and gives this resource a  natural look and feel.

Add this Play Table to any of our

products  or use it as a stand alone

feature in your  great outdoors.



Small gaps between the panels ensure water does not sit on the table.

​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

A purposed fitted shelf provides

 storage for pots, pans and any other

 utensil a child might like to imagine.

Solid wood legs make this a sturdy centrepiece for any outdoor


Children thrive outdoors: the sights,  sounds and smells

which only nature can offer are essential in the  early years of a

 child's development. All of our resources are designed with this at the forefront of our thinking.

 What's an EGToy PLay Table? 

Whether it's a tea party or a muddy cooking session, this table

offers strength,  beauty and storage.​