Whether mixing colours, ingredients, potions or gloop your

little people are exploring cause and effect. The learning

 experience and potential involved in this 

style of play is limitless.   Introduce a magnifying

 glass and some scales  or even a set 

of goggles to this lab and watch the children instantly

 become scientists! Who knows you may have the next

Einstein in your group!

 Replaceable and removable  

'science sinks' with lids for hiding

 or storing equipment.

Unique routed and sized

measuring spoon rack adds mathematical context.

 Pre drilled test tube holders

for little hands.


    It's science, it's creating, it's mixing and measuring,

it's making potions it's cause and effect. Every child wants

to feel like a scientist or wizard!


Supplied with 2 whiteboards for

mark making and ingredient lists.

Squeezing pipettes,  filling and emptying vessels, scooping with measuring spoons and cups are discrete but concrete methods of developing the 

25 muscles  needed for writing. 

   Little people get excited by scientific concepts and providing

them with our Potion Lab is  just

the beginning of getting their knowledge

and understanding flowing.


What's an EGToy Potion Lab

​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 


Invaluable  storage  and

supplies shelf.

 Plastic test tubes sit insid a

hand made  rack.