​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 


Designed to engage little people as well

as establishing a sociable area.


£199 delivered

Continued:  Our stunning Potting Table is a must have for any setting which seeks to encourage a LOVE and respect for life and natural processes.  Our hand crafted Potting Table measures 100cm 60cm x 45cm (h) and comes ready assembled.

 So what's an EGToy™ Potting Table?

It's about the magic of growth and getting their hands dirty. It's fine motor skills and extremely sociable too.

In early years we need to be offering enough activities which promote fine and gross motor skills development.  All of our EGToys™ 

are skilfully and thoughtfully designed to promote physical and emotional development as well as encouraging language acquisition.
Our little Potting Table is specifically designed to encourage fine motor skills 
as well as improving hand eye coordination. 

Equally important is to foster a love of nature at an early age.

How better to do this than through the magic of observing a seed grow...


Absolutely solid build to withstand the most eager and heavy handed gardeners!


Beautiful , practical and ever so



Solid wood uniquely preserved

tops which promote longevity and style.


Invaluable storage shelf below

​the work top.


Comes with diggers, pots, plugs, seeds, labels and a weatherproof marker.

Through the eyes of a child what is more fascinating than planting something inanimate, adding water and a little time and then seeing something actually appear?

In all our years of working alongside  children, we believe it is of greater importance

then ever before for children to understand the field to fork concept and we believe

getting children involved with planting and harvesting is the beginning of this understanding.

We have done all the hard work for you, just unwrap your Evergreen Potting Table add compost and children and let the learning take place.