​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

Spring is an exciting time of year, it's a time of new beginnings, new life and new adventures.

Children LOVE Spring, we LOVE Spring, as shoots appear and leaves unfurl and colour begins to adorn our world, there can only be one place where all the magic takes ... 


As always we scour the Internet for a few inspiring uplifting and topical activities including songs, activities, story and poetry to help your little ones feel excited and stay outdoors for longer.

Out In The Garden
Same tune as "Down By the Station"

Out in the garden, early in the springtime,
See the farmer planting seeds in a row.
Soon with some help from the sun and rain
Lots of lovely plants will grow, grow, grow. 

  Why not use these colourful Spring Spotter PDF to inspire your Nature detectives.

I'm a Little Flower Bulb
Same tune as "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little flower bulb, small and brown,
Buried in the cool, dark ground.
As the days grow warmer, watch and see,
I'll sprout through the earth -- Yippee!

Growing, growing, growing every day,
Sprouting leaves that gently sway,
Next comes a bud and then a flower --
A face to shine 'neath sun and showers.

mud kitchen spring dough

A Little Seed
Written by Mabel Watts

A little seed for me to sow . . . (Pretend to hold a tiny seed.)
A little earth to make it grow . . . (Stoop down and touch the ground.)
A little hole, A little pat . . . (Pretend to dig a hole; plant seed; pat earth around seed.)
A little wish, And that is that. (Touch index fingers to head; bring arms down and fold over chest.)
A little sun, A little shower . . . (Make sun with hands; use fingers to create rain.)
A little while, And then --- a flower! (Pretend to sleep; cup hands around face like flower.)

mud kitchen spring

 Try making a little Spring Sensory  Dough...