​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

Ken was raised in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, climbing backpacking and skiing, Ken has shared his love of the outdoors and exploring with his kids. He and his wife have been active in education for 35 years and love the idea of Evergreen Outdoor Toys' vision for learning through play. A Master Carpenter for 32 years, he is excited to focus his efforts on “getting little people outdoors for longer”.

Daniel has worked carpentry with his father Ken for more than 15 years, building everything from small furnishings to large houses.

He's a strong enthusiast in 

outdoor activity and working

with his hands, and wants

to put his best skills into crafting

quality EGToys.

A few words about our USA EVERGREEN Family...

Call Rachel on (360) 425-0680 for USA enquiries and orders and get your little ones outdoors for longer...

Rachel has traveled the world.

She's worked with foreign exchange students, taught English as a second 

language, and is a published 

 writer and artist. ​​

Her 7-year old daughter is the biggest

fan of Evergreen Toys and loves the

Giant Scales.