A dinky tap controls water flow.

Removable and replaceable water catch trays means no water wasted, just keep using the same water

over and over.

Coloured Spinning wheels only work when the correct circuit has been selected.

It's Physical, it's Knowledge & Understanding. it's Creative,

it's Speaking and Listening, it's mathematical,

it's exciting learning for all...

 What's an EGToy Water Wall?

Using basters, jugs and squirters, are developing those fine motor skills all of

the time. Standing, bending, walking. twisting, turning running from one side of the

water wall to the other are working on

the gross motor skills too.




 Adding different colours to your water

adds incredible learning context and excitement to the activity. Mixing colours to create new colours

is an absolute wonder for little people​.

​Collecting the new colours of water and passing them through the system again is simply joyful.

 3 metres of copper piping creating huge diversity of water flow.

​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

 Movable pipes and tubes allow

 your little plumbers to create 

their very own  interchangeable waterways.

 The addition of wheels, taps and chutes evokes a whole new dimension of exploration.

HINT: After a day of plumbing be sure to collect all

the parts and create a brand new a set up for the following day.

Water chute with opener and closer to speed up or slow down the flow of water.

Continued: With this EGToy cognitive development and learning and fun go hand in hand. A selection of funnels, a baster and a couple of jugs come FREE with this beautiful Water Wall. Just add colours, sponges, bottles and children.​​ The Water Wall arrives in 2 parts, it measures 100cm x 90cm and is double sided. 


Built from pressure treated

redwood to withstand all weathers and most children!

 Now fitted with a rain maker tube.


Rubber feet to promote longevity. 

12 metres of aquatic tubing interwoven throughout the structure, creates multiple

water circuit opportunities.