​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

 So what's an EGToy Workbench?


Beautifully routed and sanded for a

stunning finish. 

​    Bits and pieces central storage . 


Staggered double sides to allow

greater versatility.

Please add £30 per vice (upto 2 vises)

& £45 per toolkit at checkout.

Exclusive hand crafted central

island to hold various tools,

screws, nuts and bolts​.


​     from £330    ​​


Solid built bottom to store offcuts and

half finished projects.

Available with vice*  and tool options.

It's creation, it's real life DIY, it's thinking, it's planning,

it's  building, cutting, hammering, sawing,  it's risk

 management, it's just what little people want and need to do.

Absolutely solid built to withstand the most dedicated carpenters and builders!