Available with vice*  and tool options.


Beautifully routed and sanded for a

stunning finish. 

Please add £30 per vice (upto 2 vises)

& £45 per toolkit at checkout.

​    Bits and pieces central storage . 


Solid built bottom to store offcuts and

half finished projects.

Exclusive hand crafted central

island to hold various tools,

screws, nuts and bolts​.


Staggered double sides to allow

greater versatility.

​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

Absolutely solid built to withstand the most dedicated carpenters and builders!


​     from £330    ​​

 So what's an EGToy Workbench?

It's creation, it's real life DIY, it's thinking, it's planning,

it's  building, cutting, hammering, sawing,  it's risk

 management, it's just what little people want and need to do.