​​​​​Evergreen Outdoor Education 

Here at Evergreen we were tasked with providing resources which reach out and support British Values in the Early Years. We worked on the core values of British culture, which we believe is to care about and understand all cultures. To this end we created our World Mud Kitchen range. 

Democracy (everyone having a voice) where better to talk than in a kitchen!

Mutual Respect for Each Other (recognising and celebrating differences) making celebration foods for each other is a joy.

Rule of Law(understanding what is acceptable and good) Taking turns and sharing happens in all our kitchens.

Individual Liberty (knowing ones worth) Being part of making something together knowing you have contributed is empowerment.

We understand these values are intrinsically woven throughout Early Years play and shouldn't need their own titles, but this is where the powers that be are directing us.

Many ask us how their setting can actively demonstrate and promote these values, so we have designed our World Kitchens to bring about cultural awareness, provoke discussions and encourage knowledge of wider cultures as well as celebrating our own British cultures and traditions. 

Just click on the pictures and see what you think?

There will always be more added to this range, so keep coming back...

Mud Kitchen Ideas and British Values
World Mud Kitchen Asia British Values
Taste of India Mud Kitchen British Values